November 21, 2017

Could Marijuana Be a Secret to Your Youth?

Everything old is new again. People once thought the Fountain of Youth flowed in Florida. And, people have flocked there for centuries looking for a dip in the fountain. Now, revised marijuana regulations offer another incentive for seniors to visit

How To Conserve Your Weed?

There are many theories out there on how to conserve on your Mary Jane. We have tried them all as all of our weed keeps burning up in a series of small fires. No matter how hard we try we

The Complete World History of Cannabis

Have you ever wondered about the origins of cannabis? How long have people been using marijuana? For what purposes? Here are all the answers to your most pressing questions about the history of cannabis, beginning about 10,000 years ago. The

Does Cannabis Increase Creativity?

Have you heard that cannabis may encourage creativity? Do you want to learn more about the research behind weed and creative work? If so, you have come to the right place; here is an overview of the effects of smoking

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8 Ways Cannabis Can Counter Aging.

Not only is cannabis used to treat countless medical conditions, diseases, and debilitating illnesses, but recent research findings from the University of Bonn of Israel and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem demonstrate cannabis’s ability to reverse the aging processes in

Why Does Cannabis Make You Laugh?

The fun never stops. That’s why you laugh when using. Laughter is the one sure that you are high when smoking pot. And, the higher you get, the more you laugh at the silliest things. When I first smoked, I

10 Health Benefits of Cannabis CBD

If you’re not well, Cannabidiol (CBD) could be your best friend. Distinct from its cannabis partner THC, it accounts for most of the many health issues people face every day. People have been medicating with cannabis for eons, but traditional

Why Does Music Sound Better when You’re High on Cannabis.

Select the right cannabis strain, and your high will be intensely relaxing and/or alertly focused. Some smokers laugh, some talk, and some game to their heart’s content. But, music will sound better when you’re on a cannabis high. If researchers

Cleansing With Cannabis: 4 Ways to Treat Tension With THC

We’ve all heard of cannabis cleanses that aim to flush THC from the body by using a variety of herbs and vitamins. But what if it’s possible to use cannabis as a key ingredient in overall wellbeing? From lessening your stress to

Why More Elders Smoke Cannabis Than Ever Before?

  What’s so strange about senior citizens smoking weed? It’s only weird if you think the younger generation discovered marijuana. Those over 70 were smoking it in the 1960s. Those in their 60s now were smoking during throughout the Vietnam