Cleansing With Cannabis: 4 Ways to Treat Tension With THC

We’ve all heard of cannabis cleanses that aim to flush THC from the body by using a variety of herbs and vitamins. But what if it’s possible to use cannabis as a key ingredient in overall wellbeing? From lessening your stress to loosening body tension, cannabis can be a welcome addition to a plethora of health regiments and self-care routines.

Nurture your body and mind by cleansing yourself of everyday pressures with a little help from THC. The result will be a happier, relaxed version of yourself—and you deserve to feel your best.

Mindful Meditation

Cannabis is a wonderful aid to meditation as it has a natural way of calming the mind. Even the act of smoking mimics the practice of breathing meditation: deep breaths in, and long, slow exhales out. Think of it as a refreshing soak for the brain.

Begin your cleanse by incorporating meditation into your evening routine. Smoke or vape a relaxing strain such as a calming indica (we love Lavender), sit in a quiet place, and indulge in 20 minutes of meditation. After a few days, you will find heaviness and anxiety lifting from your mind, leaving clarity in its wake.

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Cannabis-Infused Bath

There are several cannabis bath products that offer an infused, relaxing soak made to soothe tension, ease the body and mind, and leave you ready for a deep night’s sleep.

Grab a CBD or THC-infused cannabis bath bomb paired with a cannabis Epsom salt soak, then add both to hot water before sinking into your mixture of oils, salts, and cannabinoids.

This combination will not get you high, but it will grant you a truly nourishing and deeply calming experience to prompt full relaxation. You’ll wake up feeling calm and cleansed of any daily tension you’ve been holding in.

Juicing With Cannabis

If you like to start your day with a glass full of healthy juice packed with fruits and vegetables, adding cannabis to your blend can be an extra way to incorporate medicinal benefits into your morning routine.

Go for a healthy green smoothie recipe and avoid smoothies heavy in fruit as these tend to be high in sugar with little fiber. Opt for vegetables and consider pairing them with a single fruit or beets for sweetness.

When adding your cannabis, you can use the plant’s buds or fan leaves depending on how strong you’d like the blend to be. Mix in raw cannabis for its myriad health benefits and give it a try before adjusting to taste and dosing preferences.

For a delicious combination, try apple, parsley, celery, spinach, lemon, and cannabis fan leaves.

Cannabis-Infused Massage

Massages are a fantastic way to cleanse tension from our bodies and stress from our minds. After all, touch is exceedingly important to our emotional and mental well being, and even plays a significant role in our cognitive development as infants.

Such effects are only enhanced by the addition of cannabis-infused massage oil or lotion. Although it will not get you stoned, infused lotions can calm inflammation, penetrate tough muscles, and soothe the senses.

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with massage studios offering cannabis-enhanced massages, such as Denver, Colorado, all it will take is booking an appointment on your next day off. Otherwise, pick up a nice lotion or oil during your weekly dispensary visit, or make your own.

Whether using them with a loved one or treating yourself to some TLC, anyone with access to these products can enjoy a nice cleansing cannabis massage.

Have your own infused relaxation methods? Tell us about them in the comments.

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