10 Strains That Relieve Your Stomach Pain.

Stomach pain is something that almost everybody will suffer from at least once in their life. Whether it be nausea and vomiting, a disease such as Crohn’s Disease or just a general upset stomach this is an ailment that is undesirable, uncomfortable and all too common. There are millions of individuals around the world that suffer from diseases and conditions that cause stomach pain on a daily basis. Many of these individuals find relief in cannabis and cannabis has been known for its stomach soothing abilities for many years. Cannabis is also widely consumed by women during their menstrual cycles to help relieve the pain that is associated with cramps. Here are ten strains of cannabis that are helpful in relieving stomach pain. Buy Marijuana Online, Buy Weed online, Best Dispensary USA

1.    Tutankhamon is a Sativa strain that provides extreme creative stimulation. In addition to being great strain to provide relief from stomach pain it is also widely utilized for stress relief, battling depression, and relief from muscle spasms. This strain is notorious for having a very skunky aroma. This strain also commonly produces a high concentration of THC.

2.    Silver Kush is a Sativa dominant strain that is known for its giggly, uplifting, and happy high. This strain offers a wide variety of medical benefits including nausea relief, pain relief and defense against depression to name a few.

3.    Thor’s Hammer is a sativa strain that provides almost an immediate uplifting effect that is combined with a wide variety of medical benefits including stomach pain relief, defense against fatigue, and muscle spasms. This strain is often described as being the energy drink of marijuana strains.

4.    Gigabud is an Indica dominant hybrid that will have you laughing yourself to sleep. This strain offers a very euphoric and happy buzz but it is also notorious for bringing on a case of couchlock and a good night sleep. Sometimes that’s just what you need to relieve your stomach pain.

5.    CBD Critical Cure is a High CBD content strain that helps to relieve stomach pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. This strain has very little psychoactive effects making it a great medicinal strain without an intense high.

6.    BC Sweet Tooth is an Indica dominant hybrid with a potent candy taste. The strain is said to have a very potent buzz that hits hard and fast. Many individuals described this strain as providing an aroused effect though many have also noted that it can bring about headaches. On the brighter note though nine out of ten patients who have tried this strain for relief from nausea have found it to be very effective.

7.    Black Widow is a hybrid strain that was bred by the Mr. Nice Seed Bank and provides a great balance of both Sativa and Indica genetics. This strain is praised for its ability to relieve pain, nausea, and depression.

8.    Tangerine is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that provides a fruity aroma and mango-like tropical flavor. This strain offers a euphoric, positive and focused buzz while providing relief from stomach pain, headaches, and anxiety.

9.    Lucid Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid that offers a very stimulating and uplifting buzz. Many medical marijuana patients prefer this strain as there daytime medicine because of its energetic properties and ability to tackle nausea, stress, and migraines before you even feel them coming on.

10.   Ice Queen got its name for its frost white resin and the trichomes that are in high concentration across the buds. The Ice Queen strain will have you happy, uplifted, and focused. In addition, to being great at relieving stomach pain, it is also a highly recommended strain for stress relief.

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