The Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis

Dr. William Courtney is a leader in the industry when it comes to dietary raw cannabis. This is an area that is gaining much attention due to the multiple health benefits you may experience from juicing raw cannabis. That’s right cannabis is not just for smoking, eating, and rubbing on your skin, you can drink it too. In fact, when you drink it, it has a ton of health benefits that are normally not associated with smoking or eating marijuana. According to Dr. William Courtney in a statement he made for Medical Jane you are actually walking away from 99% of the benefits cannabis provides when you cook or smoke cannabis.

When you decide to juice raw cannabis you are not getting the same effects you will get from smoking or eating it. There is actually no THC present in raw cannabis because it has not gone through the process referred to as decarboxylating. Cannabis in its natural form contains THCA which is tetrahydrocannabinol-acid and CBDA also referred to as cannabidiol-acid.  In the raw form you will not get any kind of psychoactive effects from juicing cannabis.

If you are interested in juicing raw cannabis at home yourself there are a few things that you would want to know. You do not want to use dried cannabis. It will not work. The cannabis you need must be fresh. This means you need to obtain it from a caregiver, grow it yourself, or check with your local dispensary and see if they have any suggestions. According to Dr. William Courtney medical marijuana patients should start with 4-inch long raw cannabis buds each day along with 15 or so leaves.

The process of juicing cannabis is done with a wheatgrass juicer. Mixing other vegetables in with your cannabis is recommended in order to cut down the acidic or bitter taste overall of cannabis that some people experience. Once you have made your first batch of raw juice cannabis it can be stored for 3 days inside of the refrigerator as long as it is in a sealed container.

By juicing cannabis you are getting mega doses of THCA and CBDA. Both of these cannabinoids benefit the body’s natural endocannabinoid system by helping CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors become saturated with cannabinoids. This creates efficient two-way communication between nerves and cells where previously this communication was not present. Patients with everything from fibromyalgia to diabetes and nerve disorders find juicing raw cannabis to be exactly what the doctor ordered. In fact, it often works much better than what the doctor orders.

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