Cannabis Isn’t Just for Humans

When it comes to how cannabis can help with so many different medical conditions in the human body it all boils down to the endocannabinoid system. This naturally occurring system exists not only in every human body but the body of every mammal known in existence. That means that cannabis may not only have major medical benefits for humans it may also have many benefits to offer our four-legged friends.  While I don’t expect to see dogs running around blazing on blunts there are many ways in which they can reap the benefits of cannabis. Just as humans grow old and begin to suffer from different ailments so do canines. Things such as lack of energy, pain, inflammation, and arthritis are commonly felt by dogs as they age.

Just as cannabis can help with these ailments in humans it can provide the same amazing benefits to our four-legged friends. There has also been anecdotal evidence that cannabis compounds such as CBD can also help to treat seizures and other epileptic conditions in canines just as it can in humans thanks to how it interacts with the endocannabinoid system. CBD is the primary compound utilized in cannabis-based products for canines due to its legality as well as effectiveness at treating ailments without negative or psychoactive effects which may occur when canines consume products that contain THC. For this reason, many of the products that you see on the market today are made utilizing CBD.

Some of these products are full meal options while others are in the form of edible treats. Canna-Pet and Treatibles are the two big names currently in the “cannabis for canine” market. Canna-Pet offers cannabinoid nutrition products for both dogs and cats made in the United States utilizing organic hemp. Their specially-designed formula was developed with pets in mind and is veterinarian recommended. All of Canna-Pets products are completely natural plant-based and non-GMO products that offer amazing nutritional and medical benefits for your pets. The products offered by Canna-Pet come in the form of a capsule which can be put in to a treat or mixed into the contents of any dog food.

Treatibles, however, are infused edible treats that can be ingested just as any other dog treat on the market today. Treatibles is devoted to providing superfood based wellness treats for animals and utilizes all natural superior quality ingredients. If you have a dog that suffers a medical condition whether it be inflammation, arthritis, diabetes or even epilepsy these products may be just the thing they need to live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

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