Most people erroneously assume that marijuana makes people tired and couch-locked continues to spread across the nation. Medical marijuana research has revealed hundreds of marijuana strains capable of providing you with an energy boost that helps get you through the day. Unlike coffee and sugar which provide you with short-term energy followed by the jitters, certain cannabis strains last for hours and help you stay productive and focused throughout the day.

According to a report published by Safety and Health Magazine, almost 40% of American workers sleep less than seven hours a night. One study revealed that 16% of employees fell asleep while driving and 27% slept on the job. Marijuana can certainly help you with insomnia, but other cannabis strains can also get you through a hard day’s work after a bad night’s sleep. t so if  you need an energy boost during the day, look for sativa or hybrid strains with a bias towards sativa. Here are five of the best strains you can use to keep you productive and energetic all day long.

1 – Durban Poison this strain is a fatigue killing strain

This pure Sativa strain is so effective against fatigue that many users prefer it to a cup of coffee in the morning! It has a THC content of up to 20% and is named after an African flower from the city of Durban in South Africa. It was discovered by a cannabis activist from the United States who brought it to America in the 1970s. One of the best aspects of  Durban Poison is its rapid effects  as smokers reveal that they feel inspired, invigorated, energized, and ready to take on the world just one minute after smoking it. It has long since been a friend of artistic types, but it is also great if you work in a boring old office! This strain also ensures that you become more curious about everything, which could be an asset or a hindrance in the workplace. Additionally, when you smoke this strain you’ll also feel the pine flavor almost immediately, and it leaves a pleasant citrus aftertaste. This strain has a THC content of up to 26%, and is great for energy, and is an effective treatment for depression, anxiety, and stress

2 – Green Crack:

This is the Marijuana Strain Capable of Causing Laughing Fits You need to be very careful with this strong Sativa dominant (75%) hybrid strain because it has been known to cause uncontrollable fits of laughter. This strain is entirely marijuana, and it is championed by Snoop Dogg himself and comes from a cross of Skunk #1 and Sweet Leaf. It has a THC content of up to 21 and is a potent strain that also happens to be one of the world’s most popular sativas. Once you smoke it, you will experience a strong cerebral high which brings about joyful and euphoric feelings which helps you remain focused while giving you a burst of energy that lasts for hours on end. Green Crack promotes focus which makes it the perfect choice if you are in for a long, dull day at work and also help boost your creativity, and unlike so many other strains, it actually does not cause the munchies or appetite.

3 – Ghost Train Haze

This is the perfect Feel-Good Marijuana Strain. It should be noted that, this isn’t a good strain for cannabis newcomers because it is one of the most potent and fast-acting strains. This strain has THC content of up to 27%, and it really hits you like a train! It is a Sativa dominant (80%) hybrid crossed between Ghost OG and Nevil’s Wreck. For those who are not used to the effects of marijuana, this strain could cause you to burst out laughing, and in some cases, users have reported lying on the floor and giggling uncontrollably and if u take too high of a dose, you will become hazy, cloudy, and unproductive. As a result, the key to Ghost Train Haze is correct dosage as consuming the right amount will make you feel awake, stimulated, and energized. Research has also revealed that it is one of the best strains for creativity.

4 – Chocolope:

This a rich and Delicious Marijuana Strain. This strain is a  Sativa dominant hybrid (90%)and  is like a chocolate-flavored coffee in terms of hitting you with energy in the morning. It is the go-to energizing strain for a lot of creative persons, and it is also known to be one of the best ‘wake and bake’ strains ever. This implies that you can include it when making delicious hash brownies which after a few bites, you will have the energy and motivation to do pretty much anything throughout the day. These strains have a THC content of approximately 19% which means it is strong, but not earth-shatteringly so.  As such, you can use this marijuana strain even if you’re an inexperienced cannabis user. Once smoked  some  the Chocolope makes you  feel uplifted and focused as the strong cerebral head high lasts for hours. Instead of clouding the mind, however, it instills an invigorating feeling of focus and drive.

5 – Jack Herer:

This strain is sometimes known as the ‘Emperor of Hemp,’ and  it should be noted that this strain  is the author of the world-famous non-fiction work, The Emperor Wears No Clothes (published in 1985). This strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid (55%) named after Herer himself, and is often known as the ‘perfect blend,’ being a cross of Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. This strain is a pretty strong strain with a THC content of up to 23%, so consumers feel a happy and vivid high after smoking Jack Herer. Despite its strength, however, you will not feel overpowered.  Also, although it is only mildly Sativa dominant, this strain offers an exceptional cerebral high that will slowly works its way down your body. It is thus a perfect start to your day and is also an excellent choice if you need something to energize you for a social occasion the pine and spice scent is an olfactory treat, and you also get a hint of citrus. It has a spicy taste with the merest hint of pepper, and some smokers claim they get a tropical fruit salad taste, which sounds absolutely lovely.

The Take Tome Message on Energizing Marijuana Strains

For those suffering from fatigue and need something to give them a kick-start in the morning, a Sativa dominant marijuana strain such as one of the five mentioned above, could work as well if not better than a cup of coffee. So, forget about the  ridiculous marijuana ‘stoner’ stereotypes – the right cannabis strain can give you a tremendous boost in energy, creativity, and motivation, which in turn helps you outperform your peers.

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