Less experienced marijuana consumers might not understand the pleasures that can be obtained from the more natural benefits of the cannabis plant, but most lovers recognize the importance of a delightfully flavored cannabis strain and all that it has to offer. However every smoker has a unique set of likes and dislikes when it comes to smell and tastes of a marijuana strain. Though most people have a  a common misconception that all weed strains smell the same when they are growing or burnt, the truth is that each cannabis  strain boasts a unique chemical profile of elements including cannabinoids and terpenes and even . Each strain will produce a different quantity and type of marijuana terpene, and what is included in this fragrance mixture significantly impacts that taste and smell of a marijuana plant, and its derived products.

The most popular strains are usually THC-based because CBD strains have been few and far between due to market demands. But scientific research has triggered the growth of the CBD industry and the availability of CBD in flower and concentrates form. However, flavor is the most important part of cannabis consumption because if you don’t like the taste of a strain, the feel won’t even matter. Research has revealed that many CBD strains have similar tastes, but a few differ from the norm. This article looks at five top flavored strains.

Sour Tsunami

The first most flavored CBD strain is Sour Tsunami. It is a familiar and delicious CBD marijuana strain. Sour Tsu is CBD-dominant, and contains big amounts of myrcene, terpinolene, and pinene. Sour Tsunami follows the flavor of its parents, sour Diesel and NYC Diesel, with a diesel smell and sweet undertones.

Cherry Wine

The second newer strain is Cherry Wine. It is a CBD strain from High Grade Hemp Seed Co. this strain crosses Charlotte’s Cherries, which derives from the famous CBD strain Charlotte’s Web, with another well-known CBD strain, The Wife. The flavor of this strain differs from many of the earthy-tasting CBD strains, such as Harlequin by kicking forward sweet cherry notes with black pepper spice flavors on the back end.

Aliens in Moonshine

The most flavorful strain on this whole list is probably Aliens in Moonshine. Most CBD consumers absolutely love it due to its specific tropical flavor that reminds you of the way Tropican Cookies tastes. It should be noted the two have no genetics in common, but the taste is very similar. So for those who are looking for that sweet, tropical, delicious taste from a CBD-dom cultivar, then AoM is the one for you. You can also try it as a concentrate

Lemon Garlic OG

Lemon Garlic OG is another strain with wonderful flavor. This strain is a phenotype of the True OG strain, which itself is a phenotype of OG kush.  So the strain has very strong OG force. The OG genetics usually come forward with a mix of musky cheese, sour citrus, as well as diesel and earthy flavors, but this particular OG strain has spicy notes of garlic, citrus, and pine. Lemon Garlic OG is a balanced strain, so it contains some THC there that will get you a little high, but in general this mellow strain is a lemony treat for all CBD lovers.


Lifter is another new CBD strain in the game. It is not famous as the strains mentioned above, but its flavor is certainly worth your consideration. This strain is a myrcene-dominant hemp cultivar bred by Oregon CBD. It is the end product of a cross between Suver Haze and Early Resin Bud to give us a flower that tastes like funky cheese with a hint of fuel, reminiscent of the OG strains mentioned above. This strain however comes from hemp, so unlike OG cannabis, this flavor journey doesn’t end with a high.

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