Origins, Benefits, and More about Harlequin Cannabis Strain

Origins, Benefits, and More about Harlequin Cannabis Strain


Harlequin is a sativa-dominant  cannabis strain popular  for its high levels of CBD coupled with sweet and mango-like flavor that will delight and enthrill the taste buds, offering  a creamy, woody note on exhale.  This strain has a famous character and is unique and diverse; probably one of the best-known strains due to its high level of CBD and a reasonable level of THC, which is rare in the world of weed.

What is the Harlequin Cannabis Strain?

Harlequin marijuana is a sativa-dominant hybrid (up to 75%) and is a cross of a Swiss Sativa, Nepali Indica, Thai Sativa, and Colombian Gold.  This strain is a sharp contrast of CBD and THC and it is alleged that the strain was initially bred to be a hash-producing crop, but rapidly became one of the most sought medicinal cannabis strains on the market. This wonderful strain is believed to have been created by a breeder known as Mr. Green of the House of David Collective.

Flavor and Appearance of Harlequin

This strain produces a faint sweetness on the tongue, and the user may be surprised by the taste of Harlequin as it offers a potent herbal flavor along with pine notes. When you smoke Harlequin, you’ll probably notice a creamy, woody flavor that hits the spot.In terms of appearance, the buds of this strain are round, dense, with a forest green color and  rusty orange hairs stand out against this background just like amber trichomes.

Harlequin Strain Grow Tips

Harlequin strain seeds are best grown indoors where you have better control over the climate. But for those who want to grow it outside, they need a warm climate with moderate to low humidity. For instance residents of Colorado often complain that the region is too humid to grow this strain outside.

This strain is highly resistant to pests and mold, as long as the humidity level is kept in check. As such the relative humidity (RH) level should be kept below 65% by the beginning of the vegetative stage, and lowered weekly until it is below 55% by the time the   plants reach the blooming stage. The Relative Humidity can be 30-40% near harvest time. Harlequin can yield up to 21 ounces per plant when grown outdoors and the yield is even higher indoors, up to 25 ounces per square meter planted and can be increased by engaging in low-stress training (LST) or high-stress training (HST) techniques. If these methods are gotten right, the entire plant will be exposed to light and will have enough airflow. This strain should be pruned at the right time as a failure to prune the plants could result in bud rot.

This strain flowers in 8-9 weeks. However, for those with goal to grow plants with a high level of CBD, it is best if they harvest their crop a little earlier than normal. This strain can be harvested once more than half of the pistils have changed color though some prefer the trichome method in which the flowers are only plucked once the trichomes become milky white with a mushroom head.

THC and CBD Content of Harlequin

There are many versions of Harlequin phenotypes on the market such as versions with just 7% THC, and others with a whopping 15%.  In terms of CBD content, there are versions of Harlequin known to have between 10% and 15% CBD.

The Effects of Harlequin Weed

The exact effects of this strain depend on the doze of Harlequin you receive. A regular consumer Mr. Green revealed that the strain feels like a sunny day and makes you feel a warm, glowing sensation that radiates from within and the high CBD content makes you not to feel an intense psychoactive high.

Harlequin is an uplifting strain that makes you feel happy and due to its Sativa dominance, you won’t suffer the sedative effects of a body high making it is an excellent daytime option for those who don’t want to feel ‘lighter’ while getting things done. Some users of this strain have reported that it helps them become more creative and is also useful as a sociable strain for those who need to go out but feel shy about being in a crowd.

Medical Benefits of Harlequin Cannabis

Harlequin is a medicinal marijuana strain, primarily used as a painkiller and is prescribed to individuals as a relief from muscle spasms, headaches, joint pains, and migraines.  It equally helps those suffering with depression, anxiety and mood swings as it elevates your mood and helps you feel more relaxed. This strain has gained a reputation as an anti-inflammatory, explaining why it is so popular amongst individuals with joint pains.

Possible Side Effects of Harlequin Marijuana

Due to the combination of THC and CBD, this strain does not share the same side effects as other cannabis strains such as   dizziness, anxiety, and paranoid thoughts as on very rare occasion’s users have reported mild cases of these effects. Just like with other marijuana strains, the biggest issue with this strain is cottonmouth, so keep a bottle of water handy.

Final Thoughts on Harlequin marijuana

Harlequin is a gentle introduction to the world of marijuana as it offers a nice combination of THC and CBD, although the precise ratio depends on the cut and is the ideal strain for those looking to feel relaxed, happy, energized, yet completely functional. It is also not a difficult strain to grow and for growers who want to get a higher level of CBD, the strain should be  harvested as early as possible  without compromising the quality.


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