A 2020 Complete Review on Headband Marijuana Strain

Headband is marijuana strain produces both cerebral and physically intoxicating effects, allowing you to unwind and relax. This strain is globally available and praised for its medical abilities plus added versatility. Headband is named after its brilliant cerebral effects, as this strain create the sensation of pressure and tingling along the forehead- a rather pleasant experience for the user which replicates wearing a headband, as well as helping to relax the mind of the user.

What Is the Headband Marijuana Strain?

Headband is a visually appealing and brilliantly “stone-inducing strain masterfully and genetically crossed between the two popular cannabis strains OG Kush hybrid and Sour Diesel sativa.  Some speculators report that this cannabis was developed by a Colorado breeder by name Reserva Privada, who also produced legendary marijuana strains such as Kandy Kush and Strawberry Banana. Headband is a quintessential marijuana strain to keep in your medical marijuana cabinet. This marijuana strain is classified as a hybrid strain, with a 60% indica, 40% sativa ratio, thus producing a well-balanced high. The strain has potent THC levels of 20-27% THC. However, this cannabis strain might not exactly be a one-hit quitter, but even highly experienced smokers have reported its effects are rather long lasting and take some time to fade away.

The Aroma, Flavor and Appearance of Headband

Headband has an overwhelmingly pungent scent and the aroma of earthiness that is somewhat reminiscent of diesel fills the room wherever you are, which could be a result of its Sour Diesel heritage. The flavor exudes an intriguing blend of lemon, followed by undertones of cream and vanilla and the extra added sweetness makes Headband a tasty one, combined to the hints of earth and lavender that arise after the initial acknowledgment of flavor of this strain.

In terms of appearance, Headband  has  the classic look of an indica dominant marijuana strain as it is short and bushy in stature, which can be problematic for some growers indoors as it necessitates the trimming of its  fan leaves back in order to ensure that all of the flowers receive an adequate amount of light and nourishment. The buds of this strain are very “nugget-like” in appearance- dense and packed in, typically a light green to darker, forest green color. Buds grown in certain colder climate undertake more of a purple hue, which is the chemical reaction of anthocyanin being activated within the flowers.

Just like other marijuana strain with such a high THC content, the buds of this strain are typically thickly coated with a dusting of silvery, glimmering trichomes, or crystals containing much of this high-inducing element. The buds are also crystalline in nature just like a fresh dusting of snow appears as. This strain has extremely sticky buds, due to tiny, sparkling crystals, which implies that this marijuana strain is mandatory for grinding, not by hand but with an actual grinder.

Headband Growing Tips

 Headband marijuana is probably one of relative ease for cultivation, so long as the necessary requirements for maintenance and climate control are put in place. This cannabis strain is naturally resistant to most common molds, mildews and pests. This strain can be grown both in indoor and outdoor settings, but the plants must be kept away from frost and placed within direct access of large quantities of sunlight regardless of where they are grown.

For outdoors settings in a wet or humid climate, they crops must be kept in a well sheltered area to prevent any diseases from overtaking an entire plot. Indoor yields of this strain range on average at about 18 ounces per square meter, while outdoor harvests average 21 ounces per plant.  However, outside harvest falls around mid-October, while the crops flowers as from 9-11 weeks.

The Effects of Headband

Despite the fact that this  marijuana  strain is technically a hybrid, the indica aspects of the strain dominate with more intensity than the sativa, because  Headband is intoxicating and melts the body into a deep relaxation, whilst generating some profound  unique yet comforting cerebral effects. This strain can, for some users, induce laziness, so it advisable to be consumed on a day off work, later in the evening or even right before bed.

 However, Headband does induce couch-lock and even sometimes laziness, so it is advisable to be in a comfortable position where you won’t have to get up so often users have reported that the high from this strain eventually fades from relaxing into sedative-like. Equally, some users experience the munchies, so it is advisable to have a packed-with-all-your-favorites fridge.

Medical Benefits of Headband:

Overall, this cannabis strain is one that described as multifaceted as it offers various methods of relief from a number of health conditions. This marijuana strain is especially valuable for those dealing with ailments or discomforts that require high quantities of potent THC. Due to the ability of this strain to not only relax but also replenish the mind and body and  help melt away  worries, Headband is beneficial for the treatment of the following health conditions: ADD/ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and Insomnia

Headband is also good for physical ailment such as headache and migraine cure, it quickly dissolves pain and discomfort from the temples, which seems fitting considering the name of this strain. This cannabis strain can also decrease discomforts triggered by chronic pain, muscle spasms, body tension and soreness, stress, lack of appetite and difficulties sleeping. Note should be taken that the treatment of  Physical symptoms likely will require larger doses of this cannabis, so  is is advisable to  use alternative methods of consumption such as  edibles, gummies, candies, extracts, tinctures and concentrates  as they all offer high doses of Headband with less of the actual act of consumption required.

Those who suffer with Mood disorders and mental conditions can treat them with the use of smaller doses, because the over consumption of any THC heavy cannabis strain can cause some unnecessary anxiety or paranoia for those looking for an aid to calm the mind.  Generally Headband is well-rounded, and is not only pleasant strain to consume, but also a brilliant medical aid.

 Some Possible Negative Side Effects of Headband:

Due to the deep relaxing effects, of Headband, it can sometimes create a sensation of paralysis, or being unable to move because the user feels so comfortable. For some consumers, this locking down might generate some paranoia or anxiety, but it should be noted that the feeling itself is quite pleasant as long as the mind can stay calm.  Some users also report cases of Dizziness though on rare occasions, but it should not be a cause for concern.

 However, the most common adverse effects from Headband are the usual ones that are common with most marijuana strains; red, dry eyes and cotton mouth (dry mouth). The redness and dryness of eyes can be managed by purchasing a bottle of moisturizing eyedrops from a local pharmacy before consuming this marijuana while dry mouth can be managed by consuming plenty of hydrating fluids before, during and after smoking. It should be noted that staying hydrated also assists with dehydration, and therefore can be a preventative measure for the arising of headaches.

All in all, the pros of Headband greatly outweigh the cons; so why not take a bold step and try this magical cannabis strain.

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