The Origins and Potency of Trainwreck Marijuana Strain (2020 Review)

Trainwreck is powerful marijuana strain that hits the user quite hard with its potent high and immense THC content and is also well known for bending the mind and subtly altering reality. This strain is certainly suited for a focused work type of environment, but this strain is sure to win the consumers heart if consumed on a day off or later in the evening post work as a way to unwind and relax. The initial effects of this strain are energizing, euphoric and uplifted, which then melt into a full-body relaxation that keeps your mind whirling and introspective, followed by the onset of tiredness and maybe even the desire to fall asleep.

What Is Trainwreck?

This strain is to originate from Northern California within the marijuana-famous Emerald Triangle (a.k.a. weed capital of America), and is a cerebral and body buzzing hybrid cannabis  strain crossed  between three potent and pure landrace strains composed of  Mexican sativa, Thai sativa and Afghani indica .  this strain is  65% sativa and 35% indica.

 The Aroma, Flavor and Appearance of Trainwreck

Trainwreck has grown to become such a world-famous strain due its distinctive and immediately identifiable aroma and flavor. The strain has an overwhelming lemon-lime scent which fills up the room the user is in, but this version is unlike most other citrus aroma strains.

 Trainwreck is topped with notes of menthol and acidic sourness and produces pleasant and unexpected results, acting somewhat as a surprise for first-time triers of this weed.  The strain also has a satisfying flavor which gives off a semi-spicy or even peppery tang that zings and zaps the taste buds, waking the user up with its charming, pungent taste that hits with earthy and woodsy notes after the initial impact of the strain.

In terms of appearance, the buds of Trainwreck are often covered in a thick layer of frosty THC-packed trichomes, with little bits of resin that glimmer and sparkle each time the light hits it. The buds of this strain are beautiful with all their glam, coupled with their healthy and potent neon green in color, blended with sultry brassy orange and sometimes slightly red pistils curling and twisting amongst the sticky frost and bright sugar leaves.

Trainwreck Growing Tips

Specialist has reported that this strain is of intermediate difficulty to cultivate thus good news for man with little experience, who doesn’t consider themselves professionals. Trainwreck might prove to be a pleasant challenge for beginners, as such good for those who want an option that will require some problem-solving, deep thinking and then direct action.  But experienced and professional growers, they will face very little difficulties cultivating this strain.

One of the problems associated with the cultivation of this strain is its potential for becoming hermaphrodite, which will then require quick reaction to prevent a plant from becoming ruined.  This strain also tends to grow tall due to  its sativa relations, so indoor growers must prepare adequate space within their grow rooms for this strain to flourish and the buds  should be trimmed regularly so that their leaves don’t spread out too much and overwhelm each other and also consume the space that they are located in.

The pros of  Trainwreck strain is its high resistance towards everyday pests, mold, powdery mildew and diseases, making  the maintenance a bit less complicated.  The strain can suitably be grown both outdoors and indoors grows but note should be taken that this strain typically takes longer to mature and then harvest when kept outside.  For Indoors settings this strain can be successfully grown with the assistance of a variety of methods, including hydroponics and fertile soil. This strain has flowering period of 8-10 weeks, with outdoor harvest falling around early to late October.  Trainwreck grown outdoors can yield around 25 ounces per plant, which is quite generous compared to the indoor harvest, which is approximately 18 ounces per square meter.

 The Effects of Trainwreck Cannabis

The flowers of Trainwreck produce some intense effects due to buds that are completely saturated with such potent THC crystals especially as the dosage is increased. The high produced by Trainwreck comes in two categories; mind and body.  As far as the mind is concerned, this strain produces heavily cerebral effects that uplift the mood and spirit, equally triggering introspection and sometimes even mildly psychoactive moments. The body high on the other hand is the exact moment when the user can tell that this strain is actually a hybrid and not pure sativa as it  causes the body of the user  to melt and turn into a bundle of euphoric bliss, relaxing and unwinding any physical pains he/she might experiencing while slightly bending reality in a way that does not  cause confusion or lack of control, but rather inhibits creation and positivity.

Medical Benefits of Trainwreck Cannabis

Despite the  debate on  whether or not Trainwreck is capable of assisting individuals suffering from mental conditions such as anxiety research has revealed that this strain can  possibly  treat depression, stress and PTSD  but  it is advisable for those with  anxiety to choose a different strain for their medical needs, because of many patient  medicating with marijuana have reported  that this strain increased or even induced paranoia and panic attacks.

However this strain is highly recommended for those suffering from: Chronic pain, Migraine headaches, Lack of appetite which can be common or due to chemotherapy/other treatments and Muscle spasms.

The relaxant and jelly-like sensation induced by this strain over the whole body makes it ideal for individuals who manage massive amounts of pain and stress in their joints, muscles, tendons, bones and more.

Possible Negative Effects of Trainwreck

Due to several reported cases of some side effects of this strain, it seems that overall, it is best for patients and consumers with a tendency to react negatively to  marijuana with heavy THC to stay away from Trainwreck, which can increase anxiety, paranoia and other uncomfortable experiences. Though this strain is very beneficial for certain personality types, the portion of individuals who deal with strong mental conditions should choose something with a little less THC, possibly more indica dominant strains. The other reported negative side effects of this strain are  minimal and  can easily be  managed such as  dry mouth (cotton mouth) which  is preventable by drinking plenty of hydrating fluids before, during and after your high and dry eyes which can be managed by  keeping a bottle of moisturizing eye drops nearby when consuming this strain. Generally, the Trainwreck strain produces a pleasant high with minimal side effects as long as precautions are taken, but if you get anxious easily beware, this strain is not for you.

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