Can you Smoke Marijuana Seeds and Get High?

Nowadays, the utilization of marijuana has been gradually accepted by society and more research and development are seeking for more than what they already know about marijuana. Research has revealed several numerous health benefits that marijuana can offer and this drugs is consumed both for recreational or medicinal use. Most researches on medical marijuana have focused on the leaves and flowers, but of recent some research has been carried out on the smoking of marijuana seeds. Some people might find it weird like who would smoke raw marijuana seeds. This article looks at what will users can get from smoking marijuana seeds, the pros and cons of it and if it is really advisable to smoke marijuana  seeds, the variety of health benefits that can be  acquired  from smoking marijuana seeds while  keeping  in mind that these have limitations too.

What are cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds are the foundation of the cultivation of marijuana.  A seed consists of both female and male reproductive organs which when properly processed yield high-potency marijuana plants.  It should be noted that the marijuana plant depends on the quality of the seeds and the process of cultivation. There are a variety of seeds available in-store and online dispensaries such as   high-potency marijuana flowers, seedless and sinsemilla. Cannabis seeds contain protein which eases digestion and research has revealed that the natural properties of seeds are the best plant-based protein that can be found in the market considering that not all upholds these properties. Smoking marijuana seeds will either make the user lose or gain weight. The various vitamins and minerals gotten from eating raw marijuana seeds will really help in keeping the users shape. Research also suggests that marijuana seeds contain a daily dosage of iron, potassium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, vitamin E and protein.

 However, what is not known about marijuana seeds is if the potency they uphold when the buds are smoked is just the same when it is being eaten. But raw marijuana seeds are smoked contains low to no tracks of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

How to identify if the Marijuana Seeds are Healthy

What are the factors needed by the consumer to consider in checking if their seeds are in good quality and condition? Just to make sure that smoking marijuana seeds will work well for them, they should better check these factors and if the seeds that they bought are of high-quality.

Size – one of the factors to be considered in checking the quality of marijuana seeds is the size since seeds are more often exposed to mottling caused by viruses which affects the growth of the plant resulting in poor nutrition. Good marijuana seeds appear to be as small as a mung bean in size

Appearance – marijuana seeds become more sensitive to touch, light, and air after haven undergone a variety of process in preparation for its growth.  the user should make sure that the seeds he/she picks  do not have cracks because this is a proof that the seeds are not high-quality and there is a high probability that it will not grow.

Color – a healthy marijuana seed is dark in colour and usually comes in black, brown or gray. When the color is already dark, that is the signal that these seeds are ready for cultivation and note should be taken that light colored seeds are premature seeds and are impossible to sprout.

Condition – another way of checking if the seeds that you got are healthy is by lightly squeezing each one. If the seed cracks, it only means that it is not healthy and cannot cultivated as this will only cause molds to the other seeds so it is best if the user disposes of it properly.  But if the seed does not crack then it is a good and matured seed

The take home message

 It is not advisable to Smoke marijuana seed.  It is possible to smoke them just that it does not produce much smoke and there is low to no traces of tetrahydrocannabinol. Smoking seeds is also not as economical as smoking the buds because with the buds, the consumer gets to maximize its effects. In conclusion, research has revealed that it is not advisable for someone to smoke marijuana seeds as it can cause sterility on most men.  Equally, burning the seeds creates a dense smoke that is very dangerous to the body. It should also be noted that smoking marijuana seeds will not get the user  the level of highness that  he/she desire since it does not have any THC crystals on it.

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