Five Marijuana Strains for the Treatment of Leukemia

What is Leukemia?

Leukemia  refers to an aggressive type of cancer which affects the blood or bone marrow and usually targets the white blood cells which play a critical role in keeping the  immune system of the body strong in order to fight off infections. It should be noted that the exact cause of this disease is unknown, but   statistics suggest that exposure to radiation, chemotherapy, cigarette smoking, and family history are some of causes. Statistics show that an estimated number of 345,422 people live with leukemia in the United States today, or are in remission.  Some common symptoms of leukemia are  swollen lymph nodes, pain in the joints or bones, bleeding, weight loss, fatigue, fevers, and regular infections just to name a few.

 What makes leukemia more dangerous is the fact that there is no known cure for this disease and doctors can only recommend conventional forms of treatment such as radiation, chemotherapy, and bone marrow transplant which do work in some cases, but many other times they don’t. Additionally, the side effects associated with these treatments can be devastating: including anemia, hair loss, fatigue, nausea.  Additionally children with leukemia are much more vulnerable to the side effects of these conventional treatments.

However, several clinical studies have been conducted with have revealed the efficacy of marijuana in treating leukemia. One of the earliest research which analyzed the effect of marijuana  on leukemia was conducted  in 2002, and the results suggested that  that tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC), the psychoactive compound in cannabis, as well as other cannabinoids in the cannabis  plant, are effective in triggering apoptosis (induced cell death) in human leukemia and lymphoma cells. They also suggested that THC is effective in preventing the spread of lymphoma tumors.  Other researchers have also proven the efficacy of both THC as well as CBD (cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis) in treating leukemia.

Five best strains to combat the symptoms of leukemia:

Girl Scout Cookies :  this is one of the widely popular and recognized marijuana strains due to its potent medicinal benefits. This strain has received several Cannabis Cup Awards, so any user can be sure that the properties of this strain have been critically acclaimed. Many patients prefer this because of its ability to knock out pain and nausea, especially for those suffering from leukemia. This strain has 17 to 28% THC content making it potent. Users of this strain are advised to start medicating in small doses then work their way up.  Another advantage of Girl Scout Cookies is that it also induces the munchies so good for those plagued by appetite loss.

Ghost Train Haze: This is an ideal strain for treating fatigue caused by leukemia. It is one of the most powerful sativas out there, with a strong THC content that may be dizzying in large amounts. Users are advised to microdose when medicating with Ghost Train Haze. This strain is one of the ideal daytime marijuana strains good for treating fatigue, loss of appetite, pain, as well as depression and anxiety.

Cannatonic: This strain legendary due its high CBD content, and is highly recommended for leukemia patients who prefer to medicate without getting a buzz from THC. This strain is a hybrid, although its with more dominant indica effects. This strain will mellow the user out and relax him/her, gently lull him/her into a deep tranquil state. This explains why Cannatonic is a favorite among patients.  It should be noted that this strain is a short-lived strain but due to  it’s mellow, patients can easily medicate anytime they need without worrying about their productivity getting hampered.

Purple Kush is another popular indica among chemotherapy patients which has been recognized for being one of the top 10 most powerful marijuana strains in the world.  This strain has about 15% THC and it has a distinct grape undertone.  Regular users of this strain report a euphoric, happy high,  so if insomnia and depression from leukemia are getting down, a user can rely on this strain. Additionally, purple Kush is beneficial for headaches, depression, stress, and pain.

Sour Diesel: This strain is an invigorating sativa that many much preferred by cancer patients due to its dreamy, cerebral high. It is ideal for patients who prefer to zone out or engage in creative activities as a means of healing, because it elevates the experience and makes it much more enjoyable. Sour Diesel is also ideal for pain, stress, and depression; and provides long-lasting relief for the symptoms of leukemia as well as chemotherapy. Sour Diesel is also effective against fatigue and headaches.

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