Cannabis Hash

  • Deity #11 Water Hash Tier 3 by 710 Labs

    • EUR: € 40.05 - € 498.40

    Deity #11 Water Hash Tier 3. A true OG old-world hash method of resin separation using ice, water and a little agitation. 710 have worked to perfect the process, so that they can isolate just the trichome heads to produce the cleanest translucent sap at room temperature.

  • Hendrix Live Resin

    • EUR: € 25.81 - € 409.40

    Hendrix Live Resin. Diamonds and Sauce, Live Resin Dabs. Glass or Ceramic Puck with CR Lid. Hand-selected strains, fresh frozen cannabis, enables us to lock in the raw expression of the cultivar and maximize the terpene and cannabinoid profile of the plant. Preserved and processed at sub zero allows the strain to express itself in a variety of consistencies, from terpene-rich sauce to cannabinoid-rich diamonds.

  • Wedding Cake Live Badder

    • EUR: € 25.81 - € 409.40

    This Glue cross is a hybrid that leans indica, allowing it to deliver heavily relaxing effects along with an earthy-diesel aroma and taste. Jetty Extracts uses the most fresh, just-harvested, whole cannabis plant. It’s frozen immediately to cryogenic temperatures in order to the best and widest variety of cannabinoids and terpenes.