Basic Retailer Package


This package is for someone who just want some products to start with while learning the business. This offer is to make the start up retailer to make some huge profit and be able to setup a strategic way to better coordinate his business. It is obvious that to be in this business, you need a lot of money to start with.

The offer will include the following:

– 2 Pounds of Flowers. Select strains of your choice.
– 1 Pound of Concentrates. Select what you want and quantities.
– 1 Pound of Cannabis Oil, including Vapes. Select what you want and quantities.
– 1 Pound of Edibles, Select what you want and quantities.

Take your time to select the products. That is, selects the ones you can easily sell.

If you are confused on what to select, we can ship bundles we have put in place regarding what most Australia likes.

Only one order per person.

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