Kosher Kush Live Resin


Kosher Kush Live Resin produces relaxing effects that transition well into a good night’s sleep. This strain has been coined as one of the tastiest smokes, with a rich and fruity flavor. The effects are relaxed, sleepy, euphoric and happy. Useful in treating stress, insomnia, pain, depression, and lack of appetite. Budsoasis hash the best marijuana extracts. One of which is Kosher Kush Live Resin

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When the most awarded cannabis strain in history is processed with cutting edge extraction methods specifically geared towards maintaining the highest possible levels of terpenes, The Lab’s Kosher Kush Live Resin Batter is the result. This terpene-rich concentrate recently took home 1st Place BHO Extract honors at the 2014 The Hemp Connoisseur Championship.

In order to preserve the highest levels of the robust natural terpenes found in the plant as possible, Live Resin is made by flash freezing freshly harvested flowers, then keeping the plant material below freezing throughout the entire closed loop extraction process. This raw Live Resin extract is then purged to ensure no residual solvents are left behind. All of the extra effort taken during these processes pays off serious dividends in the aroma and flavor departments, with live resin containing significantly higher terpene levels than typical extracts made from dried plant material. The end product looks like a glowing golden resin with a custard like consistency that readily adheres to your dab tool of choice.

Open up a small gram sized container of Kosher Kush Live Resin Batter, and it smells like you’ve just been dropped into a dense jungle of live Kosher Kush plants ready for harvest, with a pungent
bouquet of sharp lemon-fuel and pine assaulting your olfactory receptors from all directions. Upon inhaling the dense fog of vapor released when a dab of Kosher Kush Live Resin Batter touches down on your nail, your pallet is besieged with mouthwatering true OG Kush flavor.

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