Ewok Wax

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Ewok Wax  induces powerful, cerebrally-focused effects and these are caused by the bitterness of lemon and tangerines. These effects relieve people of stress and bring about a feeling of relaxation. Ewok Wax is good for  for the treatment of insomnia and pain as well. Budsoasis.net has the best wax. Users of Ewok wax can expect to be surprised by the energetic and calming high that it induces. Many users feel that it triggers creativity. It is ideal for dealing with chronic pain, muscle spasms and inflammation. Ewok Wax tends to leave users with a sedated feeling. It is considered a good option for people suffering from insomnia and is also believed to increase appetite.

Lab results of Ewok Wax : THC = 92%, CBD = 0.3

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