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Budsoasis is the best place to get your Medical Marijuana. We focus intensively on Medical Marijuana. Our main aim is to promote and sensitize people about the usefulness of medical marijuana.  Marijuana is not just a plant, it is a magic plant with a lot of potentials, some of which are known and a lot of which is yet to be known. At  Budsoasis we do a lot of research about cannabis and what it has to offer to both the sick and healthy people and nature.

Budsoasis was created in 2010 by George Werner. George Werner is the son of Michael Werner. Michael Werner was a Veteran soldier who took a hobby of growing Medical Marijuana. He uses to grow Marijuana in a small scale and sell to friends and neighbors. After his death, George took over and introduce large scale production, this led to the creation in 2010.

Budsoasis has grown beyond borders due to our relentless efforts to make Medical Marijuana available for everyone everywhere at any time. Not only are we famous in the USA and Canada where we are delivering and are capable of delivering medical marijuana at every doorstep, but we are also breaking records in Europe by delivering Medical Marijuana to all the knocks and crannies of Europe, Australia, and Asia. At Budsoasis, we know the needs and potentials Medical Marijuana and we have taken it as our priority to make Medical marijuana available where ever it is needed.  In 2013, Budsoasis had to set up a strategic base in Europe from where we supply both retail and wholesale to our European customers.

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